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Digitizing Clinical Placements Clinical placement is a key aspect of most healthcare courses. Students gain dynamic exposure to the healthcare environment, enhancing their knowledge and skills. Clinsoft provides a streamlined platform to improve student placement operations, allowing students, educators, and institutions a transparent view into placement programs, and facilitating real-time interactions and collaboration. Clinsoft offers a customisable solution that streamlines the process of student placements, enabling real-time monitoring and tracking of activities, and allowing easy data management and compliance. If you’re looking for an end-to-end management solution for clinical placements, Clinsoft has all the answers you need!  Know more?

The main modules of Clinsoft include:

Life-Long Learning Portfolio

Life-Long Learning Portfolio is a collection of work, skills, and interests(evidence) in an electronic format that highlights learning and experience over time. When you think about your Life Long Learning Portfolio and the types of evidence that it contains, it is important to think carefully about its purpose and intended audience.

Using these pieces of evidence one can apply for Recognition of prior learning. Recognition for prior learning is a process that involves the assessment of an individual, based on their previous qualifications, to help them gain credit for the unit of a course they are applying for further studies. This credit can be obtained based on prior knowledge and experience gained through working and learning, which can be either through life experience, work, or other professional development activities such as volunteering. RPL credit will accelerate the study period, reducing the time as well as cost investment. This portfolio will streamline the RPL process. Know more?

The following are the main modules:


Generate Digital Certificates  A certification is an industry-recognized way to validate expertise, skills and competencies. With eTestamur, institutions have a simplified platform for customised generation of e-certificates. Based on the program, it’s now possible to seamlessly generate certificate templates, issue reports, maintain records, and more.  eTestamur offers a customisable solution that adds student data, requests, validates, and signs the certificate if the student is deemed satisfactory, and prints or sends the document as required. Simplify and streamline the process of generating online certificates with eTestamur! Know more? Features

Book My Class

The book my class is a central platform where all labs, classes and tutorials can be managed effectively.  Educators have the ability to create and release slots and students can book the slots based on availability. Know more? Options include:


Ace is a lifecycle product for any educational institution. It is a one-stop solution for all the needs of any educational institution. This product is currently in development. Know more? Ace contains the following modules

KH Lite

Education is now on the go and the new KH Lite app makes learning online so much easier than traditional classroom education. Developed by EduSystems, Australia – a next-generation technological solution consulting firm – KH Lite app uses state-of-the-art technology to offer engaging, effective content through LIVE CLASSES and also personalizes the learning experience based on each student’s pace and style of learning. Know more? Options include:

Virtual Company Secretary (VCS)

Modern-day technologies are assisting businesses in achieving their business goals in efficient and innovative ways. Hiring virtual assistants to take care of administrative, legal or business task is the way companies get work done more professionally. Nonetheless, digital transformation influenced the legal industry as well as other domains. The number of legal firms using digital platforms is growing rapidly, making legal services more comprehensible, cost-effective, transparent and efficient. Virtual Company Secretary (VCS) is an innovative application designed by MWT Technologies that can virtually provide online assistance on all corporate legal matters. Know more? How VCS Benefits Your Organization ?

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